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For me as a conservator and designer, the topic of materiality, material research and development has played a central role for years. My position in this collaborative masterproject to the ETH and EMPA lies at the interface of design and materials science, where I can link the mostly separate disciplines. My skills in materials research and material development enable me to focus on a participative design approach of the area-wide cooperation of both disciplines. My vision was and is to analyse the interaction of the respective disciplines through the synthesis of practical and written work and to demonstrate the added value of the design process for future collaborative projects.

The current work of the designer, which is still often limited to the design of " nice things ", can be seen as the driving force of mass consumption. From the very beginning, the driving force behind this written work has been to oppose this thinking and to place new models of design in space. Personally, I think we are at a point where design needs to be redefined and understood. The proposal for a guide to collaboration in the written work is a first step in this direction.


"I am a materialist" - this is a statement I became aware of recently in my work. Not a materialist in the sense of consumerism, but one that interferes with the material, its sensory effect on people, processes and design possibilities. The interaction of man and material through experimentation and the development of more sustainable, circular thinking solutions and concepts for the future is at the centre of my work.

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