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The basic material is wood. Bulk as well as veneer wooden material can be used.


Using a solvent mixture of acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide (1:1) and the effect of temperature (80°), the lignin is removed from the cut woods. The exposure time (approx. 6 hours) causes the lignin to be removed completely and two-thirds of the hemicellulose.


The resulting new raw material now consists almost exclusively of white cellulose. The longitudinal arrangement of the fibres remains. The material is now very fragile and loose (due to the shortness of the cellulose itself -> 3mm length of the fibres). If the exposure time is not long enough, lignin residues (brown areas) remain. The remaining solvents are washed out with water.


The solvent mixture can either be disposed of or the dissolved components can be separated and reused.

This whole process and manufacturing is patented.

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